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Wash Day Trio (Hydration Therapy)

Wash Day Trio (Hydration Therapy)

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Hydration Therapy for your Child's Hair


The Ultimate Wash Day Trio is a 3-step process to gently cleanse the scalp while purifying hair strands. Deeply conditioning the hair, with slip to ease the detangling process. A fortifying leave-in conditioner to seal the hair with lasting hydration and restore moisture balance while shielding the hair from environmental factors. 

The Wash day trio is the bundle that works to improve the health and condition of the hair by filling in the gaps of any cuticle damage to provide vital nourishment and protection for the hair strands. 


 The Wash Day Trio includes:

Jill & Jackfruit Hydrating Shampoo

Jill & Jackfruit Moisturizing Conditioner

Sea Moss & Papaya Leave-In Conditioning Hair Yogurt