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LushUs Kids Celebrates Father's Day: Dads That Do Hair

LushUs Kids Celebrates Father's Day: Dads That Do Hair

Madison Manning
4 minute read

Happy Father's Day!


As Father’s Day approaches, Skylar J’s LushUs Kids wants to highlight all the amazing Dads putting in the work to wash, treat, and style their children’s textured hair! Whether you are just learning how to do your child’s hair, or consider yourself a seasoned veteran, we see you, and we appreciate you! There are so many dads out there making a commitment to keeping their child’s hair healthy. We’ve gathered some videos showing how dads with varying skill levels are doing their kids’ hair and being a positive influence in their lives:


It’s never too late to start learning how to do your child’s hair!

“Black Dads Do Their Daughters Hair For The First Time”


In this video, a group of dads does their daughters’ hair for the first time. We hope that watching this will give you a laugh, and, more importantly, help you understand that you aren’t alone! Learning how to do your child’s hair isn’t always easy, but it’s an experience that will give you quality time with your child and connect with them on a deeper level. These girl dads aren’t too experienced, but they’re taking the first step, which is arguably the most important one. 


If your child has a different background than you, and hair texture you are unfamiliar with styling, this is for you!

“Hair Day - (Step)Dad does Quick Style in Black Daughter’s 4C Hair”


This video shows a (Step)Dad with a different background than his child, successfully styling his daughter’s textured hair. Wherever you are starting in the learning process of taking care of your child’s hair, just know that research and practice goes a long way. Just look at the smile on his daughter’s face when she sees her styled hair! The hours of watching tutorials, researching products, and failed attempts will all be worth it when you see how happy your child looks when 


Use the resources available online, or in your area, to learn all you can about taking care of your child’s textured hair!

“NFL Player Matthew Cherry & Dads Learn How To Do Hair”


As a dad, you want to support your child in any way you can and make sure they feel confident in who they are and how you look. It can be a lot of pressure to learn how to style your child’s hair, but there are resources available to help you learn and become more confident in your skills. This video shows dads making a commitment to learning how to best take care of their child’s natural hair and reaching out for help. No matter where you are in the process, making that commitment is something you should be proud of as a parent! 

Tips for Dads doing their child’s natural hair


Stay positive 

The style isn’t always going to come out exactly the way it looks in the tutorial. Don’t get discouraged and keep practicing until you get it right!



If you’re reading this, you’re already on the right track. Keep researching how to do your child’s hair and what products might work best for your child. Look for examples with hair that looks like your child’s hair texture.


Take your time

It’s important that you take your time with learning how to do your child’s hair, doing it, and seeing the results of your practice. You want to be gentle and patient! Remember that this experience is just as much about bonding with your child as learning how to do their hair. 


Use LushUs Kids Products

LushUs Kids products use natural ingredients that are perfect for strengthening, growing, and nurturing your child’s textured hair. Our products are perfect for parents looking for hair care products that treat scalp conditions and bring dry or malnourished hair back to life. If you are having trouble finding kids hair products you can trust, you need to try our Wash Day Trio, Daily Trio Set, or Healthy Hair Set. After a few weeks, you will see the difference in your child’s hair. Here at LushUs Kids, we ensure that our products make parents and their children happy!


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