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Hair Porosity: Know Your Type and What Works Best for You

Hair Porosity: Know Your Type and What Works Best for You

Madison Manning
4 minute read


Getting to know your hair type

Knowing your hair type can make all the difference when trying to figure out what products work best for you or your child’s hair. According to Healthline, your hair’s thickness, the pattern of your curls, and your hair porosity are some unique factors that make up your type, but we don’t always take notice of how these can affect how products work on your hair.


You can usually get a good idea of your overall hair type by looking in the mirror and examining your individual hair strands up close. The types range from 1-4, 1 being straight with no natural curls and 4 consisting of very tight coils. The subtypes range from A to C and can be determined with further research, but here is a good diagram to help you get started:


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What is hair porosity?  

Your hair’s general type isn’t the only factor you need to take note of, because hair porosity is also very important to really understanding how your hair reacts to different products. To put it simply, hair porosity describes how your hair takes to moisture. If your hair is “highly porous”, it easily soaks up moisture from water, products, or even the air. High porosity hair can be natural or caused by chemical or heat treatments. When its humid outside, high porosity hair tends to frizz more easily than low porosity, but it will also absorb moisture from products more easily than low porosity. “A wide range of products, from leave-in conditioners to rich butters, can seal the holes and make your hair easier to manage.” On the other hand, low porosity hair can be “weighed down” by layering on heavy products too thick, too often. If you have low porosity hair, make sure to shampoo regularly and try out some products that aren’t too heavy, like “hair milk and mousses to create volume”.


Here is a simple test to find out your or your child’s hair porosity:

1.   Take a few strands of hair from a brush or comb.

2.   Lay the hair in a bowl of water and wait a few minutes.

3.   If your hair is floating, you have low porosity, and if it’s sinking, your hair has a high porosity. If your hair stays in the middle, you likely have normal porosity. This means your hair takes to moisture at normal levels and no extra steps are needed.


Finding out what works best for YOU


Straight and textured hair need to be taken care of differently, and the same goes for high and low porosity hair. It is important that you do research to find out your hair type, so you can know how to take care of your hair in the best, healthiest way possible. Because low porosity hair tends to “resist moisture”, you may find that water and other products tend to just sit on top of your hair without really absorbing them. If you or your child has low porosity hair, try using warm water before you apply products. You can use LushUs Kids Cocoa, Murumuru & Mango Butter Hair Milk to moisturize and soften your child’s hair and provide hydration on wet or dry hair. If your child has high porosity hair, try the moisture-rich LushUs Kids Sea Moss & Papaya Leave-In Conditioning Yogurt to seal moisture after washing and conditioning while replenishing your hair strands for soft, manageable, tangle-free hair.

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Your hair is the healthiest when you are treating it correctly and with natural products that it loves. Knowing your hair type and your hair’s porosity level is essential to knowing what works best for your hair. Make sure you do your research and try out products that you think will work well with hair. Here at LushUs Kids, we pride ourselves on using natural ingredients that treat dryness, brittleness, and scalp conditions in all our products, making them great for textured hair of all types. Try out some of our products and tell us how knowing your hair type and porosity has helped you understand what works best for you! 

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